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Design Brief

Museum of 2012


  1. To hold cultural and social record of 2012
  2. To transform a way-point into a landmark destination
  3. On a main route into London from the East
  4. On axis of O2 dome and Olympic park
  5. Main building to be on Main (roundabout) site
  6. Public and delivery access to be on North site building
  7. Link building needed with at least 15m clearance, or underground.
  8. Buildings must be at least 10m away from roundabout edge
  9. Support a number of routes through the exhibits


  1. Spatial and zoning requirements are provided in three formats:
    1. BLL2012-brief.xls
    2. BLL2012-brief-spaces.pdf
    3. BLL2012-brief_fromCOBie2.ifc
    4. BLL2012-Design-Brief.pptx
    5. BLL2012-Site.pdf
    6. BLL2012-site.ifc
  2. Gross areas may be varied by  +/- 10%
  3. Spaces may be split but not combined.

Required material

  1. Model files: one or more coordinated IFC files
    1. A federated set of BIM models in IFC format  <teamname>_<discipline>.ifc
      1. No need to duplicate site context model provided.
        1. Images: a sequence of up to 20 images <teamname>_01.jpg to_20.jpg
    2. First: introduction
    3. Six focussed on explaining the design
    4. Six focussed on collaboration and experience
    5. Six focussed on technical assessments
    6. Last: participants
  2. Optional
    1. Optional Movie: movie <teamname>.mp3/avi
      1. not longer than 2 minutes
    2. A3 sized 2D representations and reports <teamname>_01.pdf to _05.pdf
      1. not more than 5


  1. Use of BIM for Design, Drama and Excitement
    1. design impact and clarity
    2. compliance to the brief
    3. the best presentation to explain the design
  2. Multi-disciplinary BIM  & use of Interoperability
    1. involvement of multiple disciplines and applications
    2. use of technology to ‘check’ the design 
    3. continuous updating of the ASITE collaboration server
  3. Use of BIM for technical assessment
    1. sustainability and use
    2. constructability
    3. business case and cost



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